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Archive | September, 2012


A furious North Belfast businessman has accused DUP politician Nelson McCausland of using his

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Whatever happened to tea and scones?

FOR TEN or fifteen minutes between 10.30am and 11am every morning building sites all over Ireland

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Here we go again, again

SO come September 29 the Famine Song is not to get a touch as the Covenant parade passes St Patrick’s

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Could technology change insurance premiums and accidents forever?

The statistics for young, male drivers is startling. Aged between 17-20, they are seven times more

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Prayers said for Fr Matt

TURF Lodge and the wider West Belfast community have been sending messages of support and prayers

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A’town News new Bargain Finder comes to the rescue

THE all-new Andersonstown News Bargain Finder page has come to the aid of a local mother whose

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