AN Droichead is set to welcome learners back to its in-person Irish language classes this week.

The Irish language organisation on Cooke Street will welcome learners back for the new term.

After successfully adapting its classes for online learning during the pandemic, An Droichead will now facilitate students in the classroom as well as through remote learning.

Classes for all levels are available, including classes for beginners and for those hoping to sit exams in the Irish language. 

An Droichead's Irish Language Development Officer, Fionnuala Nic Thom, said the team are "very excited" to begin the new term.

In addition to providing Irish language classes, An Droichead delivers childcare services to the community as well as programmes in arts, education, youth activities and tourism.

The team at An Droicheadhas produced a new booklet, ‘Tearmann’ (meaning ‘sanctuary’) to provide comfort and confidence to users returning to cultural and educational activities amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

The booklet has a particular focus on parents with children availing of An Droichead's services, learners in its growing range of Irish language classes, and those hoping to engage with the traditional arts once more through its arts provision.

An Droichead Chief Executive, Pól Deeds, said: “An Droichead understands how important it is that we, and the Irish language sector in general, continue to ensure the provision of safe space for our users. And if that space doesn’t exist, we need to create it.

“The Irish language community have got over many hurdles in recent decades. The challenges presented by Covid and its aftermath must not be allowed to stand in the way of our collective mission to revive interest in and use of the language.

“In An Droichead’s case, we exist in order to build a large and diverse Irish language community. Therefore, we have diverted all of our intention for the foreseeable future to guaranteeing that we can create safe conditions, within suitable space, to facilitate the continued delivery of our activities and services. These programmes in arts, Irish language tuition and childcare are the foundation stones of how An Droichead goes about its mission to inspire individuals, families and communities to make Irish language and culture an important part of their lives.”

An Droichead wants to reassure its community of users at the beginning of another academic year that it is ready to provide safe space for anyone who wants to take part in Irish language activities with them or to avail of services in their Cooke Street centre. Anyone wishing to download a copy of ‘Tearmann’ in order to find out more about An Droichead’s work and their plans for the future should visit their website.