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Meet Tickety-Bhoy, otherwise known as Paul O’Neill.  He has followed Celtic since his first introduction to Kenny Dalglish in the 1970’s, and has been a member of Éire Go Brách CSC Béal Feirste, Ireland’s biggest Celtic supporters’ club, for the past 25 years.  

Following the club has taken him almost literally all over the world, with trips to European destinations and more long-haul jaunts to Celtic conventions in Las Vegas a yearly occurrence (pre-pandemic).

He has been writing as Tickety-Bhoy on and off now for about 20 years and sees it as a welcome departure from the more mundane aspects of life.  You know, the ones that pay the bills.  When not following the Bhoys, his other passions are horseracing (as in the Cheltenham pic!) and travelling.  Quite likes the odd game of cards (although never with Dúlra) and rarely says no to the odd sociable with his mates to discuss all things Celtic.

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