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Fans thought cops were rampaging Ajax thugs

Battered Pádraig is in ‘good spirits’

Padraig Mullan being arrested Padraig Mullan being arrested
By Ciara Quinn

THE badly beaten West Belfast man in police custody in Amsterdam after being arrested by Dutch police when trouble broke out in the city before last Wednesday’s Champions League clash with Ajax is in “good spirits”, his family said last night

Pádraig Mullan from Shanvis Court in the lower Falls was arrested last Wednesday night before the controversial Champions League clash with the Dutch champions. Dozens of supporters were taken into custody after fighting broke out in Dam Square – many said they had been attacked by plainclothed police.

Thousands of Celtic supporters travelled to the Dutch capital for the game. The Scottish club’s supporters have a proud and unrivalled history when travelling away in Europe and have won praise from rival clubs and police forces for their good behaviour and good natured interaction with local fans.


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