WEST Belfast MP Paul Maskey has commended the Department for Infrastructure (DfI) for their swift action on what has been described as ‘Belfast’s most deadly bend.’

The hairpin bend at Colinglen Road, where there is gated access to the popular Colin Glen Forest Park, needed negotiated with extreme caution by pedestrians such was the overgrowth of overhanging trees and shrubbery. The Daily Belfast News reported how regular users of the footpath along with residents from the newly developed Colin Green Glen housing estate had to step o nto the road to see around the bend such was the inaccessibility of the footpath.

“It’s good to see the DfI do this piece of much needed work,” said Mr Maskey.

“It was very unsightly and dangerous for both drivers and pedestrians. The overgrown shrubbery had grown out of control over the last few years. The DfI should not have to wait so long, in that the shrubbery and trees get to the point that they were at, before they cut them back,” he said.

“Let’s ensure the DfI continue to maintain this stretch of road especially as the autumn and winter months approach.”