Community workers from both sides of the sectarian divide have come together to help local people deal with the current benefit system cuts. Workers from the Antrim Road, Skegoneill and Westland have organised a meeting on welfare reforms and how they will affect local people as they say it is an issue that has no bearing on the sectarian divide.

Michael Cunningham from Cavehill Antrim Road Regeneration (CARR) said local people, regardless of what community they come from, are worried about what the benefit changes will mean for them.

“The three communities got together to try and support local people who are on benefits.” he said.

“This is a huge issue in these three areas and people are really worried about what impact it is going to have on their lives. The communities got together because these are issues of common concern that effect everyone. It doesn’t have a worse impact on one or the other so we need to work together.

The meeting will be held in Salisbury Bowling Club next Thursday (March 29) at 7pm.

“We will have a panel discussion from welfare advice experts and they will be able to take questions from the crowd too,” said Michael.

“It is something that is important to everyone and that will hurt a lot of people when it all comes into force. That is why people need advice now.”