INTERNATIONAL karate coach, James Brunton’s online classes have proven to be a great hit during the lockdown period.

A qualified coach with the World Karate Federation, the global governing body for karate body recognized by the International Olympic Committee, James is also one of Ireland’s top international fighters.

He has a large group of students ranging from beginner to elite fighters, to more mature people who appreciate the physical and mental benefits of training at karate. James has adapted routines to cater for all levels of ability to train in the safety of their own homes and he has delivered these classes virtually.

The NIKW Brunton School of Karate has been compared to a family of people bound together by their love of karate. Like other families throughout the country, they are finding the constraints of social isolation during these unprecedented times difficult.

“The advantages of karate training for both body and mind are phenomenal, but during this time of isolation and uncertainty it is more important than ever for people to look after their physical and mental well-being,” James underlined.

“Along with providing students with the opportunity to continue with their karate development these online classes also provide a platform for students to engage with each other and with me.”

Tracking his student’s progress is an important part of James’s coaching structure, and through these online classes he can encourage them to maintain standards whilst in lockdown.

The NIKW Brunton Schools of Karate is regarded as the premier vehicle for delivering karate in Ireland, and they have programmes which specialise in all disciplines of the art from in-house competitions for aspiring youngsters, specialist training programmes in the different aspects of karate, and international competitions for the elite squad.

James’s coaching is complemented by the detailed high level instruction provided by his father Oliver who as a 7th level black belt with the Japanese Karate Federation is one of the world’s top karate practitioners.

James is confident they will be in a strong position to return to their wide range of activities when the current restrictions are lifted.

“We have maintained our base in Belfast city centre with satellite training throughout Northern Ireland for the last 50 years making karate accessible to everyone,” he explained.

If you are considering developing learning karate now or in the future, James is happy to discuss this with you. He can be contacted on 07513837557.