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From flying columns to flying visits – Easter Week approaches

With visitors expected to flock into West Belfast ahead of of the annual Easter commemoration, the Andersonstown

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Church extends Milltown deadline

THE controversial deadline for the removal of memorials on unmarked babies’ graves to the rear of Milltown Cemetery has been

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Breadheads spoil a day in the country

PICTURE in your mind an image of the average litter-bug and you’ll probably see a city smoker carelessly discarding a cigarette end or a cigarette box; a motorist emptying the litter from his car on to the road at traffic lights; some schoolkids tossing their lunchtime drinks bottles by the wayside.

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Gonna nae dae that, pal

CHANGED days indeed and most peculiar, mama, as John Lennon might have put it. Time was court reporting was one of the last bastions of old-fashioned, proper reporting. No lies, no bells, no whistles – all you could report was what was said and that was it because, well… because you’d get into a world of trouble if you did anything else

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Cider house rules

40P PER unit of alcohol seems to be the target Health Minister Edwin Poots is aiming for in his battle to beat the bingers. Unfortunately – or fortunately, depending on what side of the gable wall you’re standing on – the legislation probably won’t be in place until next year as it will take until the autumn at the earliest, according to the Minister, to draw up legislation that “can’t be challenged”.

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Testing the nuts and bolts of national mores

Do you miss David Trimble? Me neither. I interviewed him once a long time ago. As I waited, he moved around the UUP headquarters in that nervy way he had, softly whistling (no, not The Sash’, some classical piece, perhaps an aria from an opera, but definitely nothing common).

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