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Brexit threat

  BREXIT has posed all kinds of challenges for our present and our future. Every single sectoral interest is likely to be affected to one extent or another. For victims and survivors the impact on their circumstances as victims is perhaps not immediately obvious. However, as we enter into a phase likely to deliver, at […]

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Don’t belittle people losses

OVER the past few weeks there has been a row over a poster that was erected in County Tyrone as part of the 12th celebrations. The poster was dedicated to the now deceased Billy Wright of the UVF/LVF. It quoted Wright as saying his best moment was the killing of four men in Cappagh. The […]

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Getting high with Michelle

  “WHEN they go low, we go high.” These words by First Lady Michelle Obama from the Democratic Party Convention resonated deeply with me. This language of love and example spoke of so much. I often struggle to live up to my duty to be the role model I want to be to my five […]

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Clearing out’s not so simple

I NEED to clear out my wardrobe. Not just a little clear-out, but a serious bleach and polish clear out. I have been putting it off for quite some time. As you always seem to do with jobs that seem so big. One of the reasons for putting it on the long finger is that […]

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A long drive into the past

WHEN I was ten years old I was brought on one of the two childhood holidays we ever had. On what seemed the hottest day of 1981, my brother, aged nine, and I were packed into the back of a yellow Opel Manta on a boiling August day. My baby brother, aged one, sat on […]

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July seems so unfair

WHAT does a shared future look like? Does it look like a future where Irish citizens continue to have second class status, second class flags, a second class language? Does it look like a future where our roads continue to be bedecked with union flags and flags depicting various pro-British armed groups – legal and […]

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