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These days we have a very different kind of raptor

THEY’RE becoming the new terror of the skies – and this week Dúlra witnessed it at first hand. He was walking through the city centre when suddenly, a seagull pounced from the air on to a pigeon which had been walking on the road. The screeching was so loud that shoppers stopped to take in […]

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A tree in the house makes Christmas

There’s no doubt Christmas is the most difficult time of year. The pressure is on to make it a special time for children. And then there are the presents, the Christmas dinner and the increased cost of keeping a house warm in winter. And everybody loves to have Christmas clothes to wear on the big day. Everyone wants Sunday to go without a hitch, and so we stock up on food as if war is about to break out.

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Fancy some leaf-peeping?

TODAY, we are going to learn a new word. And once you know it, it won’t be long before you hear it mentioned on TV or read it in the press.

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As one tenant leaves another one arrives

YOU can’t have everything in life. For every yin there’s a yang – you have to experience the lows to fully enjoy the highs.

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Breathe in that country air

Dúlra has to come clean and admit that he loves the smell of slurry in the morning. Granted, it’s an acquired scent.

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