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Will the President be on the money on citizen’s concerns?

Money: it would drive you mad if you let it. Can’t live without it, can’t live er um, well actually most of us figure we could live quite nicely thank you with it. Last weekend, Edwina Currie was on Stephen Nolan’s BBC Radio Five Live show expressing her serious, serious doubt that anyone in Britain had so little money, they went hungry.

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Exhibition will lay some ghosts of the past to rest

Tonight (Thursday) at the Golden Thread Gallery, we’ll lay a few ghosts to rest when the redoubtable Conrad Atkinson returns to Belfast with his formidable artwork Silver Liberties. Banned from the Ulster

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Dipping your toes in a distinctly weird experience

I’ll be honest, it wasn’t up there as being among my great ambitions in life. You know the type – go into space, play a game of football at Old Trafford, even the stereotypical swimming with dolphins. You’ll notice having my feet nibbled by small fish in front of a baying crowd is not on the list.

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Thanks for the memories Dinny but let’s look forward

The big news this week is the selection of Jerry Wallis as the new Antrim senior hurling manager.That he was picked over long serving Dinny Cahill at first glance seems like ingratitude in view of the vast amount of travel that Dinny had to make during his two spells in the job and some of the displays he managed to get from the squad in his time.

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The tale of the Black Widow

THE CONVICTION of Karen Walsh for the murder on Christmas Day 2008 of Newry pensioner Maire Rankin saw the tabloids go immediately on to automatic pilot.

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Wise old words

STEVEN King, the former adviser to David Trimble, has gone to ground after being confronted with accusations that key parts of his Irish Examiner columns had been lifted from articles on similar topics by a journalist working for the online magazine Spiked.

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