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What’s not to like about new hate theme park?

At long last we are realising that there needs to be more for tourists to do here than clamber over funny-shaped rocks

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That’s not the way to do it as summer nears

THERE’S nothing funnier for children to watch than a long-suffering wife getting battered with a cudgel by a short-tempered violent husband – or so you’d think if you watched a seaside Punch and Judy show.

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Olympian levels of boredom ahead

I PROMISE this will be the only time I mention it, as you’re about to be bombarded with a whole summer’s worth of this clean-cut garbage, but I just can’t stand the Olympics.

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Do pop stars deserve special Titanic treatment?

THE Titanic, in case you aren’t aware, was a big ship that was built in Belfast. However, not only was it the world’s biggest seafaring flop, it was also a fitting metaphor for the British class system.

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Beauty really is skin deep during mini heatwave

IN a past life I like to think I was a Viking. Not because of my honed, warrior-like physique, or the huge, braided beard I fully intend to grow some day, but because I think I’m best suited to an icy-cold climate.

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Let the sound of tills ring out on the Sabbath

DID you know that if you buy a copy of a Sunday newspaper, you’re going to hell? I should add that I’m well aware the News of the World is dead – I’m not referring to that particular sin.

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