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Don’t you know why we’re talkin’ about our resolutions?

New year is a funny time. It exists in that no man’s land of time. Is it the Christmas period or is it not? Are shops open? Have the television schedules returned to normal? Why am I so concerned that I’m asking a series of questions about it?

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Life ain’t soTweet for those slagging Snow Patrol

I’ve made a huge mistake. That’s one of the most-used phrases from one of my favourite television shows of all-time (Arrested Development for those keeping up). But it’s also the exact words I was thinking when I made a recent post on Twitter.

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Twin evils of digital phones and social networking

‘Tis the season to be jolly. ‘Tis also the season to drink too much, make a fool out of yourself in front of those you spend most of the day with and spend the rest of the festive period regretting you had ever heard of 37 different flavours of vodka.

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For the record, I’m old before my time

This week’s column is a sequel of sorts to one from a few weeks back. Now before you get excited, regular readers of this column (he said hopefully) will know that in the sequel stakes, you shouldn’t expect The Godfather Part Two.

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Take it as red, there’ll be no November moustache here

A boy’s first male role model is supposed to be his father – he looks to him to take him to his first football game, help him shave for the first time or buy him his first legal pint.

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Movie snob goes Commando

I was recently lent the Harry Potter films on blu-ray. As a quick aside, I’ve no reason to mention the blu-ray part other than to help illustrate this week’s point (there have been points to the other weeks? I hear the reader ask).

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