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Avoiding membership of the ‘27 club’

It was my birthday last week. Before you all rush off to gather presents and excuses as to why they are late, don’t bother. Although on second thoughts, if you do want to splash the cash feel free, but wait until you’ve read this week’s column at least.

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Forget being cool, the geek shall inherit the earth

The other day a friend of mine texted to say she was reading an article ‘on a sci-fi convention being held in San Diego’ and it reminded her of me.

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Small window of opportunity closes on caller

You’ll not be surprised to hear the phone call, like so many before it, starts with the telephone ringing.

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Slowly snowballing into a column about nothing

How about writing a column,” comes the suggestion. “That’s a good idea,” thinks I. “What could it be about?” continues the internal dialogue. But before I can board

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