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Horror and humour found in crossfire

All politics is local and all war is as well. It may look international when the wise-eyed historians have stitched together a big map of events, but war as it happens is a myriad of confusing individual experiences. None of us can live life outside of our own skull.

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An actor’s life for me

Brian Kennedy is a member of Fringe Benefits Theatre Company and recently played the part of Bassanio in their production of the ‘Merchant of Venice’ in Belfast at The Strand, the Crescent Arts Centre and the Lyric Theatre. His next acting role is in ‘Sitting up for Michael’ a new play at the Crescent Arts Centre at the end of this month.

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The art of being honest

Ormeau-based artist Colm Clarke creates performance work that is designed to engage more than just the eyes, utilising sound and vibration in his pieces of unique creativity.

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A Wonderful Story to be told

“There’s nothing simpler than looking at the goodness in other people. The difficult part is to tell them what you see.”

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Bodhrán man plays to the gallery

Art gallery owner and interior designer, Chris Caldwell is a Malone Road native who loves nothing more than playing the bodhran and enjoying summer walks along the tree lined avenues of South Belfast.

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Giving power back to the community

The latest initiative to tackle suicide is to take place next month in the form of two conferences aimed at both urban and rural areas.

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