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War of words continues over Sliabh Dubh estate

The Upper Springfield Community Safety Forum (USCSF) is the latest organisation to withdraw from a task group established to win badly-needed facilities for the Sliabh Dubh estate. USCSF has followed Sinn Féin – whose departure we reported last week – in leaving the task group after the Fold Group, who built the estate, sent letters to some of the estates residents clamping down on children in what Sinn Féin

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West Belfast girl Rachel to be our next top model

A FORMER St Louise’s Comprehensive College pupil has been crowned Belfast’s Next Top Model. Speaking to the Andersonstown News, 19-year-old Brooke Drive girl Rachel Devlin said: “It still hasn’t sunk in. I’m just so delighted”.

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Sewer nightmare lingers

A Lagmore man has hit out at NI Water for letting sewage seep all over his garden. Sean Crawford, from Glenfearna Gardens, says he was stunned when the water company told him that while repairing last Thursday’s sewage flooding was their job, cleaning up the mess left behind is beyond their remit.

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End in sight for Finaghy flooding?

HOUSEHOLDERS in Finaghy who have been bedevilled by flooding for over a decade are calling on the Rivers Agency to designate and re-route a minor watercourse which is causing the problem. The undesignated watercourse running behind homes at Ormonde Court, Ormonde Park and Lille Park, close to the Finaghy crossroads, is partially blocked. As a result, the watercourse backs up after heavy rainfall, flooding gardens and houses in the area.

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Offie thieves are caught on camera

This is the cowardly duo who robbed the same West Belfast business for the second time in a fortnight. The pair were caught on camera as they raided the Wineflair off-licence at the top of the Suffolk Road on Friday night. In the first shot they’re pictured rushing into the shop in the wake of a customer who has just been buzzed in.

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£10,000 cocaine seizure claim

Community activists have recovered at least £10,000 worth of a Class A drugs from what the Irish Republican Socialist Party referred to as “a well-known West Belfast criminal family”. The uncut cocaine was recovered

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