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A North Belfast woman who was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer after two years in remission has called on the Health Service to provide regular body scans for patients in recovery from the disease.Glengormley mother of four Catherine Carmichael was recently told the breast cancer she beat two years ago has returned and spread to her organs and that the disease will claim her life.

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Families’ joy as inquest is ordered

THE reopened inquests into the deaths of 10 of those who died in the Ballymurphy Massacre will “blow the entire case clean out of the water”, says the daughter of one of the victims.

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Timeline of the Ballymurphy Massacre between August 9 and 11 1971

Fr Hugh Mullan Corpus Christi Parish Priest, who was shot and killed by British paratroopers on the first day of the Massacre (August 9) as he tended to the injured in Springfield Park.

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Fresh inquests into the Ballymurphy Massacre are a big step forward in the campaign for truth

Solicitor for the Families In conflict zones throughout the world there are often competing versions of the truth: that promoted by the state which has inflicted human rights abuses and that preserved by those families and communities who have suffered the abuses.

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A welcome sign

THIS week’s announcement by the Attorney General John Larkin that inquests are to reopen into the deaths of 10 of the 11 people killed in the Ballymurphy Massacre of August 1971 is to be welcomed. But the families of the slain have come too far, worked too hard and endured to much to imagine that this will automatically and finally give them part of the justice that they crave.

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Pressure for public inquiry will not ease

POLITICAL representatives and community groups from across West Belfast have given a unanimous welcome to the decision by the Attorney General for Northern Ireland, John Larkin QC, to order the reopening of the inquests into the deaths of 10 of those who died in the Ballymurphy Massacre.

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