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Knock it on the head

A quick note to taxi drivers (mostly private, but sometimes black): The Highway Code does not say that when you put your hazard lights on you can do whatever you like. Double-parking is not okay because your hazards are on; blocking narrow streets does not become acceptable because all your blinkers are on. Hazard lights […]

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Give it a go

To Desperate Dad: I’m not saying who’s right and who’s wrong in your particular circumstances, and I sympathise with you on not seeing your kids. But I bet a million dollars if your former partner was to text in her side of the story you wouldn’t come out of it quite so squeaky-clean and hard-done-by. There […]

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Get proactive

To Pointless: I wish Belfast City Council would just do their job. I guarantee you that a dedicated officer tasked with targeting dog dirt hotspots would earn his or her salary and a lot more on top by issuing spot penalties. He or she would only need to issue four or five fines a day […]

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Worse than useless

In response to Abandoned: Those people up at Stormont pay more for a suit than OAPs and young families have to spend on heat and power for an entire year. They get their food subsidised, they have free offices, free electricity, free heat. As long as they’re okay they don’t give a fig about what […]

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Go figure

Reply to Justice or What?: We shouldn’t be shocked by anything that happens in the courts in Scotland. Sectarianism there is the country’s secret shame. It’s rampant and what’s more nobody’s allowed to say so or they get it in the neck pronto. The silence of the politicians is an equal if not greater shame. […]

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Another concerned Hollybrook resident

In reply to the concerned Hollybrook neighbour I totally agree with you with in regards to the speed of traffic in and out of the estate, particularly Hollybrook Court. Also the amount of large commercial vehicles in the area is a disgrace and a danger to our children. Yes people need to get to work […]

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