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Disgusted prospect women

Some two facedness in Prospect Park, you know who you are! I seen it all with my own eyes. Youse have a cheek to say anything about anyone, why don’t you grow a pair and say to a certain person’s face. Please follow and like us:

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You gotta roll with it

Spurs Harry Redknapp’s comments after beating Hearts describing them as a top Scottish team. He thought Spurs were out of this world. Welcome back to planet earth. Man City put five past them so on his thinking Spurs aren’t good enough for the English premier league. Please follow and like us:

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Fair play

In the interests of parity of esteem will Carál Ní Chuilín go to Dublin in the future to attend a Republic of Ireland international match given that most nationalists in the North regard the Republic as their national team and not the Six Counties soccer squad. Please follow and like us:

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