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Christmas comes early for Paul

IT’S OFFICIAL: Christmas has arrived at Paul Moneypenny’s Brown Street home
IT’S OFFICIAL: Christmas has arrived at Paul Moneypenny’s Brown Street home
By Conor McParland

THE big day may be over a month away but Christmas has come round early once again for one North Belfast man.
Festive fan Paul Moneypenny (31) started preparations to kit out his Brown Street home in Millfield at the start of October with the living room boasting an array for Christmas decorations including over 9,000 LED lights and an upside down tree.
Paul admits he has always had a passion for the festive season, ever since he was a young boy.
“I have always loved Christmas. I always pushed mum and dad to put more decorations up but they never gave in.
“I probably started to enjoy it more when I had my own place and could decorate as much as I like.
“When I moved out, I remember buying a lot of stuff for the first Christmas in my new place
“I ended up buying more and more. It was like an addiction.
“From the start of October, I get itchy feet to get the decorations up. I love the lead-up to Christmas, especially having friends round who compliment my display every year.
“I wanted to be more organised this year because I am going to New York before Christmas. I can’t wait – it is the main place to see at Christmas and no doubt I will do more shopping for things I can use next year in the house.”
Paul, who works in household store Nobletts in North Street also helps design their annual window display.
“I’ve just finished getting the window display done for Nobletts. People have been asking me to do theirs too, so there may be a business idea there for me in the future.
“It is something I look forward to doing every year at Nobletts. I specialise in interior design so I know quite a bit about colours and display.
“The store even won a competition for the Best Window Display in Europe a few years ago so I was very proud of that.”
Asked if he had a message for any bah, humbugs out there, Paul said, “Stay inside and don’t bring any negative energy near me.
“At the end of the day, I can’t make people embrace Christmas if they don’t want to.”
Mum, Sylvia says despite loving her son’s effort and display, she could never put her own house Christmas decorations and tree up this early.
“It gets me in the mood for Christmas too but I could never have my tree and decorations up this early.
“I love coming down to his house, especially at night time when it is all lit up and looks fantastic. The work that Paul puts in is amazing.”

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