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Clear up of Antrim Road after residents’ complaints

By Gemma Burns

Belfast City Council is to undertake a clean up of a leafy stretch of the Antrim Road after complaints about the amount of litter thrown from cars on the busy route.

The build up of rubbish along the road between St Gerard’s Church and Belfast Zoo has led to complaints from local people who say motorists are throwing fast food wrapper from their cars. The council has agreed to go along both sides of the road and remove the unsightly litter and improve the look of the area.

Local Sinn Féin councillor Tierna Cunningham said residents had been in touch about problem.

“A number of constituents raised the issue of the build up of litter along the Antrim Road from St Gerard’s up as far as the Zoo,” she said.

“As a regular walker I myself had noticed a build up of rubbish gathering along both sides of the road.  A lot of the rubbish is take away food wrappers and it appears that people are just throwing their food waste out the car window as they drive along the Antrim Road.

“This type of behaviour is not acceptable and I would like to remind people that they could face a fine or prosecution if caught doing this type of activity.”

She said the council is to start work on the clean up shortly.

“I have contacted the Council in relation to getting this cleared up and I welcome the Council’s response in tackling this problem,” she added.

“ I have also asked the Council to provide more litter bins along the Antrim Road as it is such a busy arterial route.”

A spokesman for Belfast City Council confirmed they have agreed to carry out the work.

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