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Concern over road accident figures

By Staff Reporter

More people were seriously injured in road traffic collisions in South Belfast so far this year than in any other part of the city. Latest figures from the PSNI show that for the beginning of this year until May 31 there were 20 people seriously injured on the roads in  South Belfast. The figure is considerably higher than other areas such as North Belfast where five people were seriously injured, East Belfast where 12 people were seriously injured and West Belfast where the figures stands at 18 people.

Alliance party councillor for the area Cathy Curran said she is concerned by the high figures and called on the PSNI and Roads Service to look at the breakdown of where and how the accidents happened.

“I would be interested to know the breakdown of these figures as in where these accidents happened and how,” she said,

“Then we would be able to see how they could be prevented. The PSNI needs to work alongside the Roads Service to have a look at this and work on a strategy to try and reduce these figures.”

The councillor said South Belfast has some of the busiest roads in the city.

“South Belfast is one of the busiest areas of Belfast, we have a lot of commuters coming in and out for work every day,” she said.

“We have a big university and numbers of motorists coming in and out every single day. It is a very busy place. We also have a number of cyclists in the area too. I would be interested in knowing the breakdown of these figures so that prevention work could be carried out.”


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