Police in Glengormley have appealed to the public to be vigilant after a number of distraction-type burglaries at pensioners’ homes in the past two weeks.

The homes of two elderly people in the Archvale area were targeted by a man claiming to be from a cancer charity. Police believe the incidents may be linked.

On Friday, September 1, the 90-year-old resident of a house at Archvale Avenue answered a knock to her door at around 3pm and to find a man claiming to represent a cancer charity.

The man asked for a donation and the householder obliged, allowing him into the house. When the man left, the lady noticed later that her purse had been stolen.

The man is described as in his late 30s, approximately 5' 5" tall, with dirty fair hair and wearing a light grey raincoat.

Police have since been made aware that a man also called at another property in Archvale Avenue that same afternoon. He again asked for a donation, however this was handed over at the door and the man was not permitted inside the house.

Police believe another burglary in the Gleenkeen Avenue area on August 30 may also be linked. Again, an elderly person – in this case an 88-year-old man – was approached at his home by a man claiming to be collecting donations for a cancer charity. On being allowed into the pensioner’s home, the thief removed a sum of money and a bus pass from the victim's wallet before leaving.

Police are keen to identify this man and would urge anyone who can help to contact Newtownabbey CID.