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Firms hit by asbestos fines

By Claire Tennyson

A LOCAL councillor has welcomed fines for two firms which failed to remove potentially lethal asbestos from sites in the Village area.

Brackhill Ltd, based at Lockview Road, were fined £750 at Belfast Magistrates Court last week for an offence relating to a property at Maldon Street, while Sloan Molyneaux Holdings Ltd, based at Anderson’s Hill, Newtownards, Co Down must pay the same amount for an offence at a property in Lower Kilburn Street.

Both firms must also pay large costs for failing to comply with notices issued to them.

As a result of the breaches, Belfast City Council took the necessary steps to ensure public safety.

Alderman Bob Stoker said: “These companies who were demolishing buildings did not take into consideration the proper procedures when carrying out this work.

“I welcome the fact that they have been fined and although it was considered a low level danger risk of asbestos the correct procedures should be adhered to.”

Mr Stoker pointed out there is a primary school across the road from where demolition work by one of the companies was being carried out, which could have presented a danger to the pupils in the area.

“This fine being imposed  shows the system is working in that the Health and Safety Executive and the Council were able to step in and ensure nobody was in danger.

“I hope this sends out a warning to other companies in that they make sure before carrying out demolition works that they have all the correct and necessary procedures in place.”

The Council said it urged property owners to ensure proper controls are in place before the demolition of buildings.

Failure to do so, it said, may result in Council taking proceedings to ensure compliance and protect the public.



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