VICTIMS’ group Relatives for Justice have received fresh information which could prove vital in a new bid to find the truth about a brutal murder.

After a recent story in the Andersonstown News, two witnesses have come forward with information on  the killing of Stanislaus ‘Stan’ Carberry, who was shot by the British army in November 1972.

Legal caseworker Shauna Carberry (no relation) said the public appeal has generated a positive result for the family.

“Two eyewitnesses have come to the RFJ offices with information and have been advised to prepare a statement for the HET (Historical Enquiries Team). We understand that representatives from the HET have been out to speak with these witnesses and have taken details surrounding this case from them. The public appeal through the Andersonstown News has generated a positive result for this family. In terms of how far the information received will go, that’s a matter for due process,” she said. “But these witnesses have never come forward before and it is encouraging that this is now happening.”

Stan Carberry Jnr, who was just eight years old when his father was cut down, said he wanted to thank the Andersonstown News.

“My family are very grateful to the paper for carrying the story and to the people who have come forward,” said Stan.  “We hope the new information will help our case.”