WE have journeyed through Holy week taking time to reflect on the final days of Jesus’ life. In His final days, He arrived in Jerusalem on a donkey, washed the dirty feet of His disciples, shared a meal with misfits, forgave His enemies, and went to the Cross because of His love for humanity. This is grace. This is amazing grace.
Then we encounter Easter Saturday...
I’ve often wondered about this particular day – the day after His death, but the day before His resurrection. I cannot imagine the pain His mother must have felt as she faced the grief of losing a son, or how the disciples must have felt coming to terms with the death of the One whom they had followed and devoted their lives. Let’s not forget the importance of Easter Saturday. So often we tend to learn some of our toughest life lessons as we dwell in the place between; the place between what was and what will be. For me, Easter Saturday reminds me of the following:
• We must keep going through the darkness even without the answers
• There is pain in loss and a feeling of not knowing what is next
• Even when we feel as though God is not present – He is still here
• Our faith can be rocked when all appears to be trampled on
• When we choose to follow Jesus, it can look like the enemy is winning
• It is okay to question – why?
• Easter Saturday reminds us that the place between can be hard, dark and lonely.
But then comes Easter Sunday...

I have always loved Easter Sunday. For many years I’ve led services and joined the many Christians who gather around the world to celebrate that Jesus is risen. And I believe He is risen. This is the day when we remember that there is hope, there is life, and there is a better way to live. But there’s something about Easter Sunday that causes me to think and feel differently.
Maybe it is because we have come through (and are still in the midst) of a pandemic that has rocked so many of us. Even though we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection, we still live with the reality and sting of death. This particular Easter Sunday I have been wondering, what does this resurrection day mean for the many broken, hurting and grieving lives? I often wrap myself in His promise that the day will come when ‘He will wipe every tear away.
There will be no more death or mourning, or crying or pain, for these things will pass away.’ (Rev 21:4.) If we learn anything from the Easter story, it is that God knows our sorrows and heartaches.

Resurrection Sunday reminds us that He is alive and with us – with us in the hospital, with us as we raise our kids, with us in our family problems, with us in our unemployment, with us in our grief and so on. Death does not get the final word.

Have a blessed Easter.