MY favourite place is the beach. It’s the place where I often go to relax, reflect and recharge. There is just something about the sea and the sand.
My daughter Meg is a surfer. We have spent many days taking her to various beaches so she can catch the waves. While she seeks the thrill of popping up on her surfboard and catching a wave I’m the one standing on the shore edge with a take-away coffee, trying to convince myself she is not drowning (yes, I am that mum who continually worries).

One thing I have learnt about the world of surfers is that they thrive on rough sea conditions. They long to catch the perfect wave. As much as I want to wrap Meg in cotton wool and place her in the attic until she is at least 48, the truth is I have to let her be true to her adventurous and risk-taking spirit. She is a young woman who constantly steps outside of her comfort zone, whether it be surfing, cliff jumping, or speeding down roads on her skateboard.
There is no doubt that it is safer to stay in our comfort zones and circles. It is easier to stand and spectate on the sidelines. But often God calls us to do things that require us to step outside of what is comfortable and safe. This requires a huge amount of courage. In order to go somewhere – we must first leave somewhere, usually what is safe and certain. You will usually sense a nudge deep within.
But let’s remember that God calls us to be ‘strong and courageous,’ and it is a journey we will never make on our own (Joshua 1:9). If we don’t take the risk we might just miss some of our greatest adventures. Martin Luther King encourages us to
‘Take the first step of faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step.’
The rewards of stepping out of our comfort zone can result in us finding our purpose and passion.
So let’s step out from the comfort of the shore, and surf some new waves.