DOWN the ages of despotic rule, in moments of rumbling among the masses, elites have thrown their table crumbs to quell potential for popular revolt.
While not telling us to eat cake last week, Rishi Sunak’s announcement in the House of Commons that households will receive a few quid to help with the soaring costs of living wasn’t based on fair taxation or lasting changes to the benefits system; no, it was based on one-off payments that leave hard-working people dependent on his benevolence – or lack thereof. “A month without starving or freezing to death, sir? That’s very good of you sir. Thank you, sir.”



Meanwhile, in some whiskey-and-cigars Downing Street room Boris Johnson was also busy with self-serving work. When word broke on Friday that Johnson was rewriting the Ministerial Code I will admit to my surprise at being surprised.

Here is the Prime Minister of Britain, under scrutiny for his breaking his own rules during lockdown and facilitating an environment of heavy drinking and partying in Number 10 that would be shaming at any time, let alone Covid lockdown, changing the rules of scrutiny.

He has so far escaped the perpetual sword of Damocles that resides above his brass neck, and to ensure his survival he has unilaterally changed the rules so that if he is found to tell lies, or break rules, he faces no sanction.

Without a whisper on mainstream media. I bet the cleaners of the Champagne-induced vomit on the carpets of Downing Street cannot change their employment contracts quite so easily. But they should be grateful to be allowed to be in the presence of such a glorious regime. “Paint over the stains on the walls, sir? Thank you, sir. Right away, sir.”
Johnson comes from a particular group of British elites that hark back to days of British Empire and impunity that have no modern comparison. There is simply nothing that resembles the utter lack of standards in modern life for this group of depraved, self-interested elites.

They lack talent or skill. Live on the rewards of inherited wealth or the gambling casinos called the international money market. They have known neither work nor want. But we must live with the consequences of their latest whims.

This week we read of how Sterling is becoming a junk currency, with the Bank of America warning that the British Pound faces a period of sustained weakness caused by the persistent implications of a hard Brexit and lack of any sensible political engagement, and that Britain is likely to be entering the worst economic climate since the 1970s.
And on this island we are asked to “consent” to this. We have a stark choice right now. To consent to be “governed” by those chosen by the people of England, the privileged but spectacularly corrupt Tory Party, who treat the Irish with particular contempt, or to choose self-determination.

We can choose to re-enter the stability of the EU and Eurozone. We can choose not to tip the cap to the dregs of England’s Establishment. It is increasingly looking like an act of self-harm to remain under British rule when we have a better choice. While change is always a bit scary the anxiety can be eased with planning. Our time has come to choose normalcy, security and prosperity.