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Council to maintain its some days only policy

Lisburn backs down on union flag promise

By Ciara Quinn

SINN Féin’s Arder Carson says the decision by Lisburn City Council not to conduct a review of its current flag policy in relation to designated days was “a victory for common sense”.

The Lisburn Council SF group leader told the Andersonstown News that the decision to keep flying the union flag on 17 designated days only “will contribute in its own way to developing positive community relations in the Council area”.

“In December, just two weeks after the union flag was taken down from Belfast’s City Hall, the DUP in Lisburn proposed a review of the flag policy,” he said.

“The union flag has flown in Lisburn on designated days since 2002 and it was our view that the report from the Equality Commission and the legal advice received by the Council in relation to this policy was still pertinent and as the best option available that should remain the case.

“At the recent Strategic Policy Committee meeting the recommendation by the Chief Executive not to conduct a review at this time was passed with no opposition from any of the unionists councillors.

“I believe that this was a sensible outcome for the Council and the people of Lisburn. What happens in 2014 if shadow councils are established and policy reviews conducted is a matter, of course, of assumption. Speculation in that regard at this point is not helpful.

“I believe this outcome is good news for Lisburn.”


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