A Young West Belfast woman has told the Andersonstown News of her shock when she was picked to do the make-up for the video pop sensation Rihanna shot in the city.

Gemma Fenton was chosen to apply make-up to a number of people appearing in the video for the singer’s ‘We Found Love’ single.

The 24-year-old travelled with the star’s entourage last week while they shot the video in various locations.

“I was told on the Friday beforehand that I would be working on a music video but it wasn’t until the next day that I knew it was Rihanna,” said Germma.

“I spent Monday in Bangor when she was shooting in the field, that famous field, then on Tuesday we were in the New Lodge.”

While the Blacks Road girl did not do Rihanna’s makeup, she was employed to work her magic on a number of extras.

“Rihanna had her own make-up artist, of course, but I was working on people who were in the video,” she said.  “I had to make them look like they were all mucked up.  I managed to get my boyfriend and brother in the video too and was able to do their makeup.”

Gemma says she is delighted to add such a prestigious job to her CV, despite not getting the chance to speak with the popstar.

“I was in Rihanna’s company but we were told we weren’t allowed to speak to her,” she said.  “I just qualified in July from the Oonagh Boman School of Makeup so it’s great to be selected for such a high-profile job, everyone was so nice on the set and I’m delighted to have been part of it.

“It was all very surreal and I enjoyed it so much, I am a huge fan so I ended the week by going to the concert on Friday night.”