WE are writing as a group of moderate Jews and Gentiles to praise the Belfast Jew Sue Pentel for her letter on March 9 this year.

She accurately and forcefully describes the Jewish pogrom and genocide against the Palestinian people occurring at this time.

She gives a detailed description of the genocidal pogrom, led by Jewish-Israeli leaders using murderous hate speech; a pogrom carried out by illegal Jewish settlers in the land of Palestine; a pogrom supported by uniformed Jews from the Jewish State forces.

This genocide is underpinned by a secular and religious ideology of hate from within the Jewish people, described in the classical work by Jewish-Israeli academic Israel Shahak 'Jewish history, Jewish religion'.

We thank Sue Pentel for speaking out against today's not about today's Nakba genocide, which contrasts with the whole-hearted support for the sectarian terrorist Israeli regime by the Irish Jewish establishment.

We reach out to Ireland's 800 Jewish citizens to join us in bringing a just peace to Palestine.

Now is the time to say "Never Again" to the Nakba Genocide of the Palestinians.

Now is the time for Ireland to formally recognise Palestine.

Now is the time to finally pass the Occupied Territories Bill boycotting products and services from the genocidal Jewish State.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Joseph O'Neill,
Interfaith for Palestine

Founded on Love, Focused on Truth
Moderate Jews and Gentiles praying and working to end the NAKBA Genocide of Palestine 

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