CULTURE Minister Carál Ní Chuilín has unveiled a powerful new photographic retrospective that details the trauma of loss from North and West Belfast.
Entitled Aisling and currently on display at the Falls Library, the exhibition is a series of photographs taken by men to convey their sense of loss, capture their vision of themselves, their families and their community.
Speaking at the launch Minister Ní Chuilín said: “The Aisling exhibition is powerful, engaging, and compelling. Each image tells its own story, which is enhanced by the audio explanation from the photographer. For the viewer, it gives us the opportunity to see the world through the eyes of these men. That, in itself, is a humbling experience.
“For the men involved, this is a creative outlet and they have produced something that is not only tangible but also very worthwhile.”
The men’s photographic retrospective was facilitated by the Community Dialogue and photographer Kelly Morris.
The Minister added: “While it may have been borne out of the trauma of loss, this exhibition is a celebration.
“The end result that we see here today is uplifting, both in the pictures themselves and what they represent.
“It is a compelling example of the power of art and creativity, and its role in targeting poverty, promoting equality and tackling social exclusion.
“It shows the importance of allowing a creative outlet, and what can happen when we use art as a catalyst for positive change.
“I am both pleased and privileged to welcome this exhibition to the Falls Library. I applaud all those involved, both the individuals and organisations, in making this project a reality and presenting it to the wider public. Finally, I urge everyone to make time to come and see it for themselves.”