THE family of a West Belfast woman have commended staff at Brooklands Care Home in Dunmurry following the death of their mum.


Brigid Hamill, 83, passed away peacefully at the home in the early hours of last Wednesday morning, April 29, after suffering with Alzheimer’s disease.


With Brooklands closing its doors to the public in March due to Covid-19 restrictions, staff became the vital link for Brigid’s seven children and loving husband, Hugo.


Her daughter, Gemma Letman explained: “She went into Brooklands on February 3 and we couldn’t have asked for a better place for her to be looked after and cared for.


“When Brooklands closed to the public, the staff kept in regular contact with us by phoning daily.


“We hated phoning sometimes in case it took staff away from something else but as a family, it was our only lifeline to our mum and my dad for his wife.


“I have no words to describe the staff. They are just amazing.”


Brigid’s condition deteriorated when she was unable to eat or take supplements before she passed away.


“They told us she had stopped eating. Mum was never a great eater so we weren’t too concerned.


“A couple of days before she died, they couldn’t get supplements into her but she was very comfortable when she passed away.


“She also tested negative for Covid-19. It was the Alzheimer’s that took her.”


Gemma and some other family members, including their dad, Hugo attended last Thursday’s Clap for Carers event outside Brooklands to show their support and thanks to the staff.


“It was a comfort for us and especially my dad, who has been there the past three weeks.


“We know mummy had amazing staff around her when she took her last breath.”


Gemma would also like to thank Fr Ciarán Feeney, Parish Priest at St Michael’s the Archangel for his guidance to the family throughout Brigid’s illness.


“He has been such a lifeline to the family and my dad, in particular. He has been truly amazing to us a family.


“He did a wonderful funeral service for mum. We watched it online as a family and he spoke so smoothly and direct to my dad. Nothing was ever a problem to him and we can’t thank him enough.”