A NORTH Belfast mother is pleading for help to find her a suitable permanent home for her two children.
Toni-Louise Service (27) has been homeless for over three years with herself and her two daughters, aged three years old and five months old forced to ‘sofa-surf’ between family and friends’ houses. Toni-Louise has Newington as her preferred area of choice of living but has been faced with a long and never-ending wait for a house.
“I have been homeless for over three years,” she said.
“I have never had any reasonable offers. I have had offers for a flat but I need a house because of the two children.
“I have 172 points which I was under the impression was quite a good amount
“I don’t know who to turn to. I need help from somewhere. The last I heard from the Housing Executive a good while ago was that I was sixth on the list but there has been no progress since.
“I am literally sofa surfing between my mum’s house and friends’ houses.
“My daughter is about to start nursery in the next week or so and she doesn’t have a home address.”
A Housing Executive spokesperson said: “This applicant has a high level of housing points and has asked to be housed in an area of high housing demand and low housing turnover. We have arranged a consultation with the applicant so we can further discuss her housing options.”