A LOCAL political representative has described as a “special moment” the restoration of the roof at the historic Foxes Lodge site in the City Cemetery.

Construction work continues apace at the site with the new roof securing the Lodge that once guarded the Whiterock Road entrance and the old masonry being refurbished.

“This whole area of the cemetery is being totally transformed,” said Sinn Féin Councillor Steven Corr. “The new service yard being built here will ensure that our workforce have proper facilities and the temporary Portakabins that they have used at the entrance to the cemetery will soon be a thing of the past.

“We first started this journey of regeneration in the cemetery almost a decade ago and it’s amazing to see it at this stage.

"The cemetery is a hive of activity as works are also under way to restore many of the treasures and listed features held within it. Once the service yard at Foxes Lodge is completed, the staff can move up and then work will commence of the Interpretive Centre at the entrance to the Cemetery.

“The Council staff have been brilliant in getting the project to this stage and the Heritage Lottery team have been amazing in their belief and investment in this part of the city and in this potential major attraction for locals and visitors alike.”