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Rogie promises Pineda ‘a good hiding’

By David Mohan

WEST BELFAST boxer Martin Rogan has promised to give Panama’s Luis Andres Pineda ‘a good hiding’ when the pair clash for the vacant WBU heavyweight title at the Odyssey Arena on October 27. At a press gathering at the Balmoral Hotel on Monday, ‘The Iron Man’, flanked by new trainer Bernardo Checa, revealed what was described as ‘the best-kept secret in Belfast boxing’ when the self-managed and promoted fighter broke the news.

Rogie said he was proud to announce the first ever world heavyweight title fight in Ireland and said he hoped he could give something back to Belfast through boxing.

“It has been a long, hard day and a long hard night for the last eight weeks,” said the 40-year-old.

“I have been working on this very hard for two months. I took on a different role and took on the challenge of trying to find something special for my beautiful city of Belfast.

“I had to work very hard on this and to try and keep it from my wife and my trainer even. People were asking me everyday what was going on and I was getting slated in the press and social media that I was scared and I was a bully.

“As far as I know there has ever been a world heavyweight title fight here.”

Rogan’s opponent on the night will be the 37 year-old former WBC cruiserweight challenger, Pineda (22-10-1).



The Panamanian’s involvement throws up an added twist as Rogan is now trained by Panamanian, Bernardo Checa.

Checa of course guided Brian Magee to the inter WBA super-middleweight title recently and Rogan believes that he will be better than ever.

While he admits he knows little about his opponent, the former Rossa hurler is confident of victory.

“I’m in great shape. I have a new strength and conditioning coach but this man (Checa) has been fantastic,” revealed Rogan.

“He was in the corner with Roberto Duran and he is now in my corner. The things he has taught me have been magical so you are going to see a different guy.

“Pineda – I don’t know an awful lot about him to be honest.

“I know that he is a very educated and experienced fighter compared to my record.

“I haven’t seen any footage of him but I never watch any footage of who I am going in against.

“It doesn’t really matter what I see of him either because on October 27 he is going to get the same as everyone else – a good hiding.”

While the WBU is not one of the four (WBC, WBA, IBF and WBO) major world titles, the former Commonwealth champion revealed it was the sanctioning body that approached him in an effort to revive their belt



Former WBU champions have included Ricky Hatton and Micky Ward who have used the belt to move onto bigger things.

Rogan is hoping that by landing this title, and then he can secure a shot at one of the major heavyweight straps.

“The WBU decided I was the man to revive this belt.

“They feel as if I have what it takes to bring this belt out of the dark and into the light,” he added.

“It’s not one of the bigger belts but it is a world title belt. I don’t make them and I don’t make the councils or the


“I’m just a boxer and I go along with the rules of the board and try to do everything by the book.

“I’m hoping this leads to one of the other belts. I just appreciate I have been asked to revive this belt and fight for the WBU world title.

“I know our friends across the water – Ricky Hatton and Shea Neary have all fought for this belt.

“If it is good enough for them; it’s good enough for me. Some of the legendary fighters – George Foreman and Hasim Rahman have all won it so there is a history with the belt.

“I’m just glad I have this opportunity to showcase this world title in Belfast where we have never had the opportunity before.”

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