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Pocket-sized companion goes down a storm at c’ships

Sean inspires Irish dancers to reach potential

By Ciara Quinn

AS costumes, pumps and treble shoes are packed away to signal the end of the World Irish Dancing Championships in the city, West Belfast native Sean Connolly will be taking a well-earned break. A specialist in maximum performance enhancement and confidence building, the Brooke resident has been coaching dancers from all over the world and has just launched The Little Book of Inspiration for Irish Dancers – Unleash Your True Potential.

“I’ve worked with over 3,000 dancers over the past couple of years and I was requested to write the book by parents, especially in the States, for something their children and young teenagers could reference when it comes to their dancing,” explained Sean. “There is so much emotion attached to the world of Irish dancing, repetition, skill, endurance, stamina, expression and fear. Through performance enhancement I am able to inspire and teach Irish dancers all over the world to reach their maximum potential through the power of feelings and the deep workings of the mind.

“There is a fantastic army of Irish dancers that stretches across the world. I have worked closely and mentored dancers from America, Canada, Japan and Denmark. They are so disciplined. I have watched dancers perform with broken bones and torn ligaments in their feet and ankles through immense pain.  It’s incredible.

“They also travel to compete all over the world at competitions where you can start at 8.30am and then have to wait to perform at 5pm then midnight, it’s mentally draining for anyone,” he said.

“My book is a pocket-sized guide to helping young people. Irish dancers can reference it whenever they feel fear, self-doubt or heaviness in their heart. If you encourage a child to read you have their attention 100 per cent. My book and techniques help that child, that person, to be at their best, feel at their best and how to feel like a champion.”

Sean says he has been approached by several publishers to rewrite the book for all areas of sport. “There are tips and mantras all athletes can adopt into their training whether it’s rugby, football, golf or tennis. Sport in any form is a fantastic way up in life for our young people. It gives them a sense of purpose and discipline.

“When I was starting the book I realised I had no photographs. I put a request out on Facebook for dancers I had worked with to send some through and I was inundated with photographs from Ohio, Las Vegas, Australia and the North of Ireland. I’m working on the audio version at the minute and I have been invited to Boston and San Francisco to work with the community of Irish dancers there.

“I’ve had so much positive feedback from the book, parents text me to keep me informed of their child’s performance and how they are getting on after one of my workshops and I hope that the book will help inspire other dancers out there.”

n The Little Book of Inspiration for Irish Dancers – Unleash Your True Potential is available from No Alibis bookstore and the Sean Connolly website priced at £10.99. For more information visit www.sean

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