SO often social media can be a cesspit for online abuse, character assassination and downright negativity. However, there are those moments when it can be used for good.
Recently, I was invited to join a group of stellar women for a gorgeous Palestinian meal to discuss the possibility of setting up a Twitter Space that gives women across our island a platform to speak out about issues that affect them. If you don’t know anything about Twitter Spaces, they are open spaces, led by two hosts, and a number of people are invited to speak. Anyone can join in and simply listen.
A few weeks ago, we launched #ListenToHerVoice #Sisterhood (held Wednesdays at 8pm). We were all blown away by not only the number of women (please know men are welcome too) who joined the space, but also engaged in the conversation.
Various topics have been discussed such as the cost of living, violence against women and girls, and other everyday living challenges. And we have had the honour of being joined by speakers such as Naomi Long, Kellie Turtle and Elaine Crory as well as many other phenomenal leading ladies. I confess I have enjoyed simply listening.
There’s just something about passing the mic to others, especially voices who are often unheard. I have been deeply moved as I have listened to heart-wrenching stories of women sharing their experiences. In a job that requires me to often speak a lot, I have found this space invaluable in reminding me of not only of the power of listening, but also:
• The power of sisterhood.
• The power of togetherness.
• The power of a deep sense of community.
• The power of giving the microphone to people who so often aren’t heard.
I’m reminded of the words of James (1:19): ‘Lead with your ears, follow up with your tongue.’ Listening is something I need to learn to do better.
It is something we can all seek to do better. There are so many people in our everyday lives who are not looking for us to fix them, but to simply listen. Let’s remember that we are not competitors, but rather companions on this life journey. I hope and pray we learn to ‘Lead with our ears.’ Let’s learn to listen – truly listen to those who long to be heard.