The West Belfast District Policing and Community Safety Partnership (DPCSP) have carried out a leaflet drop across homes in the lower Falls in support of the PSNI’s Operation Echinus which is targeting crime and anti-social behaviour in the area.

The special police operation, which has been operating for three weeks and will continue into the New Year, has already been scoring major successes in the district.

The leaflet advises residents of what they can expect to see from the police as well as inviting them to discuss any issues or concerns they have by contacting either the DPCSP, the PSNI, the Falls Residents’ Association and also Crimestoppers.

Speaking at the launch of the leaflet drop in the Divis area, Chair of the DPCSP, Matt Garrett, said: “We wanted to publish this leaflet as a way of illustrating our support for this important police operation. We want to encourage lower Falls residents to pick up the phone and report incidents of anti-social behaviour or crime.

“The West District Policing and Community Safety Partnership will be working closely with the police, local community organisations and activists to make sure this initiative has a lasting impact on the area.”

Area Commander, Chief Inspector Emma Bond, said she welcomed the show of support from the West Belfast DPCSP.

“My officers are doing their bit to ensure Operation Echinus is a success but we also need the support of everyone within the local community,” said CI Bond. “By working together, we can make a difference and find long-term solutions to the problems affecting this area.