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Tag Archives: Alasdair McDonnell

Deluge opens floodgates to criticism of agencies

The recent bad weather in South Belfast has opened up the floodgates to criticism of how agencies are dealing with flooding in areas such as Sicily Park.SDLP leader Alasdair McDonnell has held meetings with NI Water to address the response procedures that were implemented in the Finaghy area.

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South’s MP holds most outside interests of local MLAs

South Belfast’s MP holds the most outside interests of MLAs in the constituency while another MLA continues to receive nearly £30,000 a year for one to two hours of work a month for a construction company.

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MLAs in war of words following ‘party over constituency’ remark

A ROW has broken out between two South Belfast Assembly rivals over comments made by one in a recent TV interview.

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Success of South Belfast candidates ‘testament to strength in constituency’

The South Belfast MLA who finished runner-up to new SDLP leader Alasdair McDonnell in the party’s leadership contest said he believes having a local representative in charge will be a benefit to people in this constituency.

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SDLP bull smashes his golden moment

Sunday was a beautiful day, so before going for a walk I went into the living room to set the TV recorder for The Politics Show: sometimes the local bit of it can make undemanding viewing on a lazy Sunday afternoon. So I’m about to hit the Sky+ button when Alasdair McDonnell appears on the screen, talking. I forget about recording and take a seat.

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Alasdair’s day in the spotlight

Cometh the hour, cometh the man will be the hope of SDLP supporters this week as Alasdair McDonnell steps into the spotlight — hopefully with eyes appropriately shielded — as the new party leader.

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