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Tag Archives: Alliance Party

Sporting invites make for a good start

Getting on the whirlimagig at City Hall has been much more geographically challenging than my first outing back in the late eighties.Then I represented West Belfast and I insisted on getting my passport stamped and nosebleed tablets delivered before I ventured into any other part of our great city.

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There’ll be no Irish Christmas at City Hall

Unionists cancelled Christmas for children from the Irish speaking schools at the full Council meeting on Monday evening – with the help of the Alliance Party.A minor setback on the road to the shared city which treats Irish speakers and the Irish language as a great treasure of the one city, but no doubt the Gaeilge groups will respond with their usual vibrancy and dynamism at this Sunday’s Rights and Revelry bash at St George’s Market.

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Daring to dream of a united future

Behind the rhetoric of a transformed Belfast lies the nasty reality of over 70 peacewalls, criss-crossing the city and dividing working class communities.

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