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Tag Archives: America

Reality star has the Wright idea on Hollywood

NEVER in my life have I been to the United States of America.

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Ormeau man faces deportation

AN Ormeau Road man who fled to America after a loyalist gun attack on his home, has been told he has one year left in the United States before being deported back to Ireland.

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Sean inspires Irish dancers to reach potential

AS costumes, pumps and treble shoes are packed away to signal the end of the World Irish Dancing Championships in the city, West Belfast native Sean Connolly will be taking a well-earned break. A specialist in maximum performance enhancement and confidence building, the Brooke resident has been coaching dancers from all over the world and has just launched The Little Book of Inspiration for Irish Dancers – Unleash Your True Potential.

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Ireland’s very own version of the seven dwarves

The Americans do things differently from us. They have pancakes for breakfast, they ask God to bless America when they’re doing something they know they shouldn’t be doing, and they elect their president differently.

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US concern at Orange parade past Strand

AN American legal rights organisation has called on the Parades Commission to detail its plan of action following the breach of its determination on a parade that passed the Short Strand

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