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Tag Archives: BBC Radio Ulster

Making sense of that Boston College mess

So – what do you make of this Boston tapes thing, eh? You know the project: journalist Ed Moloney and Anthony McIntyre got together and arranged interviews with a number of former republican and loyalist combatants in our Troubles.

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Ulster at the radio crossroads

Sometimes radio can simply suck your breath away – leave you gasping on over breakfast or in the car. I’ve had two such moments already today; at this rate I’ll be hyperventilating by tea-time.

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Left to their own free will what will unionists change?

You may not have heard it – you may have been busy greasing the cat’s boil or doing some equally useful work – but Monday morning last callers to The Stephen Nolan Show on BBC Radio Ulster/Raidio Uladh were discussing free will. “Eh?” you say. “A free will phone-in on a Monday morning? Bit airy-fairy, that”.

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Some great leaders and their, ah, colourful pasts

I was in the Waterfront Hall on Saturday afternoon and do you know what? It was kind of dull. The speakers were lined up and in five-minute bursts they said things which everyone in the hall agreed with, and that’s what made it kind of dull.

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