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Families to sue army over MRF shootings

As the PSNI prepares to examine claims made in a BBC documentary about the murder of civilians in West Belfast, relatives of the victims are pursuing court action. The Panorama programme was broadcast as documents emerged showing that the British Ministry of Defence was intent on keeping the actions and behaviour of the of the […]

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Gonna nae dae that, pal

CHANGED days indeed and most peculiar, mama, as John Lennon might have put it. Time was court reporting was one of the last bastions of old-fashioned, proper reporting. No lies, no bells, no whistles – all you could report was what was said and that was it because, well… because you’d get into a world of trouble if you did anything else

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Just a thought

IN the great Derry-Londonderry debate, BBC Ulster chooses Londonderry. In the great Northern Ireland/Ulster/the Province-the North debate, BBC Northern Ireland’s position is self-evident. In the great the Ardoyne-Ardoyne debate, BBC This Here Pravince favours the definite article. And, of course, the teddy bear’s head continues to float, eerily disconnected, behind the presenters’ heads, a loyal bulwark of the Great British mainland.

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North families call for Hutchinson to resign

North Belfast families whose loved ones were murdered during the Troubles were among the loudest voices calling for the immediate resignation of the Police Ombudsman Al Hutchinson after more revelations questioning the independence of his office.

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Holy Cross families feature on tv show

A number of Ardoyne families are to appear on a BBC television show next week talking about their memories of the Holy Cross blockade.

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