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Tag Archives: Belfast Telegraph

What about the damn glam scam, eh, ma’am?

SQUINTER really doesn’t care whether Martin McGuinness meets the queen or not. In fact, he’s cast adrift in an ocean of indifference so vast and so utterly uncharted that it’s likely he’ll spend the rest of his days there with beard and chapped lips.

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A life in print leaves its mark on renowned reporter

The newspaper industry here has seen many changes over the past 40 years, both positive and negative. One South Belfast journalist has experienced most of those ups and downs, from chronicling the horrors of the Troubles to seeing first-hand the prosperity peace has brought.

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Read all about it – late news on the way out

SQUINTER’S not opposed per se to the concept of young women without many clothes on – out on the town in Belfast it wouldn’t take you to be, such is the state of undress in which so many young women venture out the door these days. But when you’re bombarded with such images on the home page of that once decorous organ the Belfast Telegraph, surely it’s time to cry stop.

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