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Tag Archives: British Government

New foundation at the City Hall

We’re not sure who first said, “I have seen the past and it doesn’t work” but we suspect the author knew a thing or two

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Speak with one voice

On Sunday, May 27 a march will take place on the Falls Road highlighting the continuing and unjust imprisonment of veteran republican Marian Price. The outcome of this march should not be dictated by those who have chosen to turn a blind eye, but rather by those who believe what is happening to Marian is totally wrong and therefore feel compelled to come out of their homes in support of her plight.

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IRSP claims on hunger strike deal

The Irish Republican Socialist movement have claimed that their seven year investigation into the 1981 Long Kesh hunger strikes has “conclusively” found that there was an offer made by the British government to the prisoners that could have saved lives.

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Families vow to find the truth

On December 4, 1971 the UVF bombed McGurk’s Bar in North Queen Street killing 15 Catholics including women and children and wounding 17 more.The bombing was set against the backdrop of one of the most violent and destructive periods of the Troubles.

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You have your say on the strike

THE rain stayed away across West Belfast yesterday as public sector workers took to the picket lines outside our local schools, transport and hospitals services, protesting over threats to their pensions and the fear of further deeper cuts to vital services.

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Dublin to ‘assist’ and ‘support’ the victims’ families

THE Irish government has undertaken to “assist” and “support” the Ballymurphy Families “in their search for justice” in light of the Attorney General for Northern Ireland’s announcement to reopen inquests into the deaths of 10 of the 11 people who died in the 1971 massacre.

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