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Tag Archives: Christmas

Robbers target slot machines in burglary blitz

Police in West Belfast say they’re investigating a spate of robberies on commercial premises during

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Almost summertime so time for a Xmas row at council

IT’S almost summer, so it’s the perfect time for an argument about Christmas at Belfast City Hall, where once again, the idea of wishing citizens and visitors to the city a “Merry Christmas” in Irish is too much for some unionists to stomach.

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Cold reality of bereavement at Christmas

Christmas is certainly the most emotional time of the year. Families join together to be thankful for everything and everyone they have.

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Blaze family finds solace in local help

A WEST Belfast family whose home was destroyed by a fire on Christmas Day say they have experienced the true meaning of Christmas as the local community rallied round to help them in their hour of need.

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Pressures of Christmas for the bereaved

Christmas time is the time of year for families to come together and be thankful for everything they have.

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Joy blooms amidst pain

Christmas should be a happy time, but for many it can be too sad for words. Your unhappiness takes on an even darker colour when everyone else is practically commanded to be happy. The best wish we have for us all is, perhaps, a merry Christmas, hopefully a happy one, but certainly, no matter what happens, a peaceful one.

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