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Tag Archives: education

Testing time for students

The fevered debate over whether students from Northern Ireland are entitled to free tuition fees in Scotland brings into stark relief the shambles which is further education provision.

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How can we learn to learn?

This time of year teachers come together to talk about teaching. Often the talk is about pay and conditions but there may be teachers who would like to talk less about pay and conditions and more about what they have to teach and the level of stress they have to endure. Teaching should be a happy occupation, often it is stressful, and sometimes disastrously so.

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Lessons learned from cross border cooperation

You could have predicted it would come from John O’Dowd, couldn’t you?

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‘Enough is enough’ say workers

Hundreds of health and education workers in South Belfast last week joined thousands of others across the North in a 24-hour strike in protest at budget cuts.

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