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Tag Archives: Finaghy

Sewers upgrade moved forward

AN upgrade of part of South Belfast’s aging sewage system has been pushed forward thanks to millions

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Video: Floods devastate cul-de-sac

This is the devastating scene at a cul-de-sac in Orchardville Crescent, off Finaghy Road North, on Wednesday evening. The flash floods caused

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Finaghy loyalist flags are flying again

THE erection of flags by loyalists at Finaghy has been slammed by both politicians and traders, who said the former flashpoint should remain a “neutral” area. Traders and residents awoke last week to find loyalist flags erected at the crossroads and along Finaghy Road South leading to the Malone Road.

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End in sight for Finaghy flooding?

HOUSEHOLDERS in Finaghy who have been bedevilled by flooding for over a decade are calling on the Rivers Agency to designate and re-route a minor watercourse which is causing the problem. The undesignated watercourse running behind homes at Ormonde Court, Ormonde Park and Lille Park, close to the Finaghy crossroads, is partially blocked. As a result, the watercourse backs up after heavy rainfall, flooding gardens and houses in the area.

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