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Tag Archives: flooding

Minister visits flood site

A PROTECTIVE grill put in place to stop refuse from blocking a stream but which instead caused flooding in the Colin area in June has been deemed “not fit for purpose” by the Rivers Agency.

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Big Brother, no-one is watching you

SUMMER’S in full swing here, which means rain, marches, more rain, and flooding.

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‘Water filled street in minutes flowing over garden walls’

RESIDENTS left clearing up damage after last week’s flooding have blamed the road structure for causing streets to fill in minutes during heavy downpours.

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The flooding that devastated South Belfast last week has left residents bewildered and angry about how the agencies responsible dealt with the aftermath.

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Landlords get their houses in order

Landlords in South Belfast’s student heartland have carried out a series of precautions to prevent a repeat of last year’s extensive flooding during the severe weather.

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Flooded Deanes doors reopen

SOUTH Belfast restaurateur Michael Deane was forced to close the doors of his popular Queen’s eatery this week because of flood damage during torrential rain.

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